Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with our practice.  We are committed to helping you improve your condition.
Your referral is our highest form of a compliment. We strive to give reason to all our patients to sing our praises.

"Very competent, extremely professional, excellent diagnosis to pin point exact problem and always successful with treatment and recommended followup exercises. The very best in physical therapy."
"Words cannot express my gratitude for your help in putting me on the road to exercise and life without pain in my back and hip. I am happy to report that more than one month later, my back and hip still feel great.  I have continued the exercises you taught me which is truly invaluable and I cannot thank you enough."
"I can't thank you enough for leading me through this challenging part of my life."
"Thank you for everything you've done for me. You really made me work - especially through the pain. You really got me back on my feet."
"Thank you for all you did for me with both my toe and my pounding head.  I so appreciate it and feel we are in a good place with my toe, thanks to your work and correct pacing. I won't take a step without being thankful. Also, thank you for listening each and every week to my pounding head woes. One humbling lession I learned is that your health and body come first. A heartfelt thank you to you and your team."
"I truly appreciate and thank you for the wonderful therapy that you gave me. I never expected to be so well so soon."
"I shall always remember you. You did a splendid job with a most difficult case. You are so utterly professional - thank you for everything."
"Thank you for the superb, very professional, tough but compassionate care you took of me. Your office was well laid out and efficient. Rest assured, I would sing your praises to anyone who would inquire of me as to a therapist."
"Remember Cole Porter's song, 'You Do Something to Me?' My paraphrase to you - You've done so much for me that no one else could do!"
"Just a thank you note for all the compassionate and effective help I received. When I arrived, all my muscles from neck to knees were in spasm from a fall and the pain was constant, somewhere between a toothache and childbirth. I feel much better now and able to resume my former life. Thanks to all your staff."
"I would like to express my gratitude for the help and education you have given me. Your personal qualities of patience, kindness and empathy, combined with your ability to motivate and encourage, are as much a part of your ability to help as is your skill and knowledge of physical therapy."
"Thank you for all your concern and care during my rehabilitation from surgery. It's a long road back, but I'm getting there."
"Many thanks for all your hard work on me... without you I never could have made the trip to Japan and China. I feel as if you gave me my life back."
"Whenever I think of you I do my exercises! Today I walked to school."
"Thank you for your gentle encouragement - always pushing to make me work harder.  I am well on my way to full recovery."
"I'm doing OK with my neck and back and all those exercises make all the difference. I can't thank you enough for helping me through a hard time. Your skills and patience made me comfortable and trusting that through the pain and movement things would get better. And they have!"
"Thank you again for your patience and professional dedication to me and my ongoing mishaps.  I truly appreciate everything that you do to help. It surely must test your patience sometimes, but I for one never felt pushed, rushed or unimportant."
"As I gain more flexibility in my ankle, foot and feel more strength in the foot, I am most grateful. It is such a treasure to have a doctor who will put in the patience and effort to help improve the quality of life. I do not take it for granted."
"Thank you for your professional and competent care. I trust I shall be rejuvenated as far as someone my age can be! Now that I am fit enough to take up my beloved game of golf again, I would like to thank you for the excellent treatment you provided me with. I especially appreciated your professional and very friendly attitude."
"Thank you so much for making my visits so comfortable and easy. My shoulder could not have felt this good without your professionalism."
"I cannot thank you enough for all your patience, dedication and professionalism these past six months. You have been so great - a big motivator. This is obviously a "calling," not just a job. The office was so well run. It was a pleasure coming to PT."
"Thank you for always trying and not giving up, but finding a solution."
"Thank you for your very large role in helping me recover from the knee replacement.  Your knowledge and encouragement have made every visit valuable."
"Thank you for taking care of me during a difficult period. You are an outstanding group of people."
"Working with you has made me feel healthier and 20 years younger. Thank you for everything."
"As for my gratitude to you for your unique qualities of enormous skill, intelligence, patience and gentle strength, I am in your debt. My warmest good wishes to you and many thanks for your wonderful, professional and very kind attention."
"Thank you for all of your help during the past several months. You prodded me when I was tearfully discouraged and convinced myself that I would never get back to bending, walking, sitting and so on. You helped me in your usual calm and professional manner over some very frightening and painful hurdles. I am very grateful."
"I want to thank you so much for all of your help in getting me back up on my feet. Because of you and your professionalism and expertise, I really looked forward to coming to physical therapy. I will never forget all you helped me accomplish."
"I'm graduating! I walked in here in pain and now I'm walking out pain-free."
"I feel my balance is better and I am not afraid of falling or walking up or down stairs."
"My ankle is much better since receiving physical therapy services and I have returned to my job at full capacity."
"I am able to sleep at night without any back or hip pain."
"I am back playing tennis without shoulder pain or weakness."
We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.